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Introducing CTRM-DerivConnect: Your Future in Financial Market Intelligence

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CTRM - DerivConnect

CTRM-DerivConnect is an Electronic Trading and Analytical System which utilizes advanced self-learning algorithms to analyze, model and predict the future markets. It includes Real-time data streaming, technical analysis, Realtime Portfolio Analysis,Customizable Interfaces, low latency and high throughput engines which generate trade recommendations and execute them using custom trade algorithms.

Whether you’re a seasoned market player or just starting, CTRM-DerivConnect promises an edge, incorporating the latest in AI and Machine Learning technology, all tailored to your unique requirements.

Digital Transformation

CTRM - Derivconnect

The versatility of CTRM-DerivConnect is evident in its wide appeal across the future market spectrum, catering to both buy-side and sell-side investors, liquidity providers, treasury service providers, and traders.


The product Advantage

Real-time Insight

Experience real-time data streaming, coupled with meticulous technical and portfolio analysis.

Customized User Experience

Personalize interfaces tailored to individual preferences and benefit from low latency and high throughput engines that not only generate but also execute trade recommendations.

Comprehensive Asset

Dive into an array of asset classes, including equities, FX derivatives, commodity derivatives, and fixed income.

Advanced Technological Framework

Our core platform boasts microservices, authentication services, reference data services, and an innovative decoupled UI/UX design using React JS.

Strategic Trading Tools

Make informed decisions with features like pre-trade analysis, post-trade risk management, real-time P&L analytics, and algorithmic trading strategies.

Cloud Convenience

CTRM-DerivConnect is cloud-based, offering a convenient SaaS model. Its robust infrastructure utilizes NoSQL Databases and Microservices, ensuring agility, scalability, and reliability.

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