CTRM Market Led Technology.

CTRM cross-asset front-to-back architecture was conceived and built from inception as a single platform. It is an ideal platform for systems consolidation, simplification and growth.

Our customers can reduce the total number of systems in use, simplify their architecture, streamline processes and improve efficiency, while lowering the total costs of ownership.

Multi-Tiered Architecture.

CTRM tiered architecture elegantly decouples complex transaction processing from low-latency risk and reporting. Service-oriented design eliminates processing bottlenecks and enables institutions to meet the diverse market demands. Continuous round-the-clock global processing can support any multi-entity organization.


CTRM provides leading solutions for Capital Markets, Investment Management, Central Banking, Treasury, Clearing and Collateral. Its open platform enables clients to leverage a robust suite of API’s to meet unique requirements and customizations, from simple workflow additions to pricing model and risk analytic extensions.


Performance and Scalability.

CTRM real-time straight-through processing (STP) architecture is designed to maximize speed and scalability. The event driven, multi-tier architecture allows components to be distributed across multiple servers leveraging multi-threaded processing and horizontal scalability.